Welcome, fellow Sovereigns 💫

Join the private client community to receive updates, support, ask questions, and share experiences.


This community is free to join for Clients and users of Sphere + Sundry's talismans and talismanic materia. It is a welcoming, kind, and intelligent space, designed to offer support from both creator and community. 

This is *not a general forum for discussing elections, astrology, magic, or promotion. It is a dedicated, hallowed space for us to share our experiences, partake of resources, and ask questions specific to Sphere + Sundry's offerings.

Please bring your best self to our shared (altar) table. 

Here, we treat one another with respect, kindness, and compassion. 

Membership is a privilege which can (and will!) be revoked in the case of shit stirring, rudeness, or violations to the spirit of our community guidelines.

Thank you for understanding how this is in everyone's best interest 👏